The Visual Cloud Automation

More about VisCAt

1. Visual Modeling Tool

- Simple Drag and Drop interface to design Server,
Network, Storage, and Software

- Enable to design Public, Private, Hybrid or
Multi-Cloud based system in a consistent way

- Model based design enable user to easily share,
collaborate, and preserve cloud knowledge

Tool to design cloud based systems

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2. Cloud Workflow Tool

- Automate building cloud based system and
software from the designed visual model

- Enable to design personalized workflow for
cloud system build, test, release and upgrade

- Facilitate Integration of cloud DevOps and
Software DevOps or business workflow

Tool to build cloud from model

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3. Unified Management Tool

- Directly manage and monitor the cloud based
system from the designed visual model

- Enable to build personalized dashboard
for each cloud resource and software

- Preserve the knowledge of cloud workflows
and monitoring dashboards as company’s assets

Tool to manage with designed model

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